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Dr. Toshiro Shigaki advising a farmer in Solomon Islands.

Pacific Agriculture Alliance

Pacific Agriculture Alliance (PAA) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) aimed at promoting research, development, and capacity building in agriculture, and preserving biological diversity in the Pacific region. The founder of PAA, Toshiro Shigaki, has a long experience as an expert in plant pathology, plant genetic resources, and agriculture in general in a number of countries in the Pacific region, particularly Papua New Guinea.

Agriculture is under threat from rapid urbanization and climate change, and requires advanced technology to cope with these problems. However, Pacific countries lack human and infrastructural capacity to properly handle these threats. The lack of scientific capacity is especially problematic because securing external funding requires developing carefully designed proposals.

To achieve the goals envisioned by its founder, PAA is publicly incorporated as a General Incorporated Associations in Japan. PAA wishes to attract collaborators from Pacific countries, and from other parts of the world.

With its founder’s excellent track record of successfully implementing various projects in the Pacific, PAA can assist government institutes and NGOs to develop projects designed for their requirements.

Corporate goals of Pacific Agriculture Alliance

Toshiro Shigaki

(1) To undertake donor-funded projects on agriculture and biotechnology,

(2) To promote public awareness in Japan on tropical agriculture,

(3) To publish, in print and digital media, books and articles for the understanding of international agriculture and biotechnology,

(4) To assist farmers in developing countries by offering market opportunities in Japan,

(5) To offer consultation services on agriculture and biotechnology, and

(6) To undertake other projects associated with the Corporate Goals (1)-(5), and other projects necessary to achieve the Corporate Goals (1)-(5).

About PAA logo

About PAA Logo

The logo symbolizes the sun that provides energy for photosynthesis. The green is the color of plants.