Dr. Toshiro Shigaki

Dr. Toshiro Shigaki with sago seedling.

I, Toshiro Shigaki, a plant pathologist by training, founded the Pacific Agriculture Alliance (PAA) in 2016. Before assuming the position of Director, PAA, I was Principal Scientist in Biotechnology with Papua New Guinea National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), where I contributed my knowledge and experience for the capacity development in agriculture in the Pacific. I was the project leader for a number of donor-funded projects that were implemented in several Pacific countries. I would like to describe some of my professional experiences. This my help you envision how best I can serve you.

I have published a number of peer-reviewed papers in plant molecular biology and plant pathology. Occasionally, I develop new methods, tools, and vectors, and make them available to interested people. Some methods, such as the class II-S restriction enzyme based site-directed mutagenesis, are used by many labs in the world. Here is  a brief introduction about me:


B.S. (Physics) The University of Toyama
M.S. (Plant Pathology) The University of Wyoming
Ph.D. (Plant Pathology) The University of Hawaii at Manoa


The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation (1996-1999)
Baylor College of Medicine (1999-2010)
Indian Institute of Advanced Research (2007)
Papua New Guinea National Agricultural Research Institute (2010-2016)
Pacific Agriculture Alliance (2016-Present)


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Book Chapters

2016. T. Shigaki. Climate Change and Food Security in the 21st Century: Chapter 25, Application of biotechnologies in the conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources for food security. S. S. Yadav, R. Redden, J. L. Hatfield, A. W. Ebert, and D. Hunter, ed. Wiley-Blackwell International. (in preparation)

2015. T. Shigaki. Encyclopedia of Food and Health: Chapter 124, Cassava-the nature and uses. B. Caballero, P. Finglas, and F. Toldrá, ed. Elsevier.

Popular Articles

2011-2015. Regular contributor for the Papua New Guinean national newspaper The National (List of published articles available on request.).

Symposia And Workshops Organized

2016. Workshop on phytoremediation and sago decline and in Bougainville (Chair of the steering committee), funded by The Christensen Fund, Panguna and Arawa, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, July 23-24, 2016.

2013. Workshop on sago decline in Bougainville (Chair of the steering committee), funded by The Christensen Fund, Arawa, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, November 21, 2013.

2011. National symposium on sago in Papua New Guinea (Chair of the steering committee), funded by Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Programme, Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea, July 14-15, 2011.

Invited Talks (recent talks only)

2016, May 17. “Development of LAMP kit for the detection of phytoplasma disease in coconut in Papua New Guinea.” at Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China.

2014, May 14. “Management and improvement of plant genetic resources in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.” at Riken, Wako, Japan.

2013, October 2. “Molecular breeding initiatives in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.” at The World Vegetable Center (AVRDC), Shanhua, Tainan, Taiwan.

2013, April 16-17. “Biotechnology and biosafety in Papua New Guinea.” at Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology (APCoAB), a program of the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), Bangkok, Thailand.